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Start your holiday in Koh Phangan with adrenaline and fun!

We are a Kite school, ideal for beginners. However, we also cater to riders who need to learn new freestyle tricks. The classes are taught by experienced IKO certified instructors, which provides a safety and quality assurance for students lessons. We use the latest Airush kites and boards to ensure the equipment is always fresh and safe.
Our Mission
Our goal is to teach you all the skills you need to become a safe and independent kiteboarder. The courses will take place in front of the kiteschool in the natural lagoon created by the coral reef. This natural phenomenon blocks the waves and creates a shallow calm area perfect for learning.

Kitesurf Lessons

Discovery Day

Try one day of kite lessons!
3 hours
3000 thb

Full Course

Learn the basics of the kitesurfing
9 hours
9000 thb

Advanced Lesson

Learn to go up-wind and jump!
2 hours
4000 thb

Natural Kite Park offers different kite lessons from beginners to advanced courses. Depending on the length of the course chosen, you can get a simple baptism, to see if this is your sport. Or however finish a course being totally independant out on the water with no supervision.
You can also choose between different kind of kite courses.
Natural Kite Park offers group courses so you can come with your friends, family or just to meet new people.
We also offer private kitesurf lessons where you’ll be alone with your instructor and everything will be tailored to your learning speed.


We are located on on an island in the Gulf of Thailand. Here on Koh Phangan, we are the middle island of the Samui archipelago. Koh Phangan is famous for its Full Moon Party and a hotspot for backpackers This island has much to offer while you are not in your course. If you want to be sure of sunny days, adventurous activities and a great night life, then Koh Phangan is the ideal location for you.

Koh Phangan is the perfect place for kiteboarding; the steady wind, shallow blue water and soft sand beaches make the learning process easy and enjoyable.

We have an exclusive partnership with Munchies Resort of Baan Tai.
This partnership allows you have access to many welcoming and functional services.

  • Shower + Bathroom
  • Bungalows for Rent
  • Motorbike Rental
  • Restaurant with Thai and Western Food
  • A pool and pool bar (perfect for relaxing after a day full of kiting)
The Riders Shop is also located at Munchies Resort. Here you can have access to buy T-Shirts, kites or boards or anything that will help you become an independent kiteboarder.


Kite and Bar

1 hour - 900 thb

1 day - 2500 thb


1 hour - 200 thb

1 day - 600 thb


1 hour - 50 thb

1 day - 150 thb


1 hour - 1000 thb

1 day - 3000 thb

The team



Instructor (Rus, Eng)


Head Instructor (Esp, Eng)


Instructor (Ger, Eng)

Other activities

Wake Park

Paddle surf



Weather and forecast

Here in Koh Phangan, the season starts in December. The wind blows from the Northeast to the beaches of Chalok Lum Bay.
The wind changes directions and come from the southeast in the months of January, February, March and April.
During this season, the wind will be directly at our school on Ban Tai Beach.
The sun is shining, the water is flat and the winds is consistently at 12-18 knots!


Munchies Resort
12 Moo 4, Baan Tai, Ko Pha-ngan, Amphoe, Surat Thani 84280
Phone and Email
Tel: +66 807061383
(available also for whatsapp)

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